I grew up on the East Coast, close to Long Island Sound.  I spent my summers swimming and in the winter, I walked the beach for solitude and contemplation.  This series of water paintings started in Santa Fe in the desert southwest, away from water. I am drawn to the quiet and “otherworldliness” of water, the sense of things hidden in the depths.  I am visually fascinated by the different layers one sees when looking at the water—the reflections of the sky, the movement on the surface and the abstraction of what is below the surface.  Water lilies and koi add another dimension of color and form above and under the water.

Recently, I spent a couple of years in Florida.  I did a public works project which involved designing a mural that would run in a band around the interior courtyard of the Juvenile Justice Center in Miami.  I settled on cutting stencils of Florida plants and insects that could be painted by a number of people who were inexperienced painters.  I got so excited by the stencils and the local plants that I have pulled these elements into my own work.  In the Botanical Series, I start with overlays of stencils in acrylic paint.  From there I inject realism by painting over and into the stenciled images.

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